Meet the most accessible
virtual assistant that can
help you communicate, translate, and access information in Indian Sign Language.

There are more than 440 million deaf & hard of hearing people all over the world and over a 60 million in India. They face communication barriers at workplaces, public places, even at home and so as accessing information and knowledge.

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Deaf since birth, Jimmy struggles to understand his teachers. He relies on his friends for notes and explanations, often feeling left behind. Indian Sign Language has not been adopted by the special school where he studies.

Ayesha, a deaf employee, often struggles to understand instructions and to participate effectively in projects and meetings. This can be frustrating for her & her colleagues.

Ricky, a deaf person often faces problem in communicating with non-deaf as there's no solution to bridge the communication gap using Indian Sign Language and majority of population is unaware of Indian Sign Language.

We are redefining the future for the deaf people through our solution “SignAssitive”

We are committed to make websites, information and education accessible in no time for the deaf people.

Created with the help of deaf people and experts, "SignAssitive" is the technology that translates every word into ISL using a smart bot we name it “Sid”.

Use it to communicate

A pocket translator that can be used anywhere, anytime and in any language.

Teach and Learn ISL

Learn ISL anytime, anywhere as per the standards to drive accessibility via National Education Policy (NEP, 2020)

Make your workplace inclusive and accessible

Communicate in teams effectively at the office and be a part of virtual meetings.

Make your website accessible

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 provides recommendations for making web content more accessible.

Be a part of SignAssitive community and join the revolution to make every smartphone, computer, and the technology accessible for the 440 million+ deaf people across the globe.

Join Us for Early Access

Our early access is free to the first 1200 deaf people only. If you’re unable to download the app please fill the form below and we’ll reach out to you within 24 hours and help you get access to SignAssistive app.